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Improvement starts with an attitude adjustment

Improvement starts with an attitude adjustment

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"Golf is about how well you accept, respond to, and score with your misses much more so than it is a game of your perfect shots."

Golfers need to be able to handle their mistakes effectively in order to be successful.

Accepting your misses is the first step. It's important to realize that everyone misses shots. Getting angry or frustrated with yourself when you miss a shot will only make you play worse. Instead, focus on accepting your miss and moving on to the next shot.

Responding to your misses is the next step. Once you've accepted your miss, you need to figure out how to best respond to it. This may mean taking a more conservative approach on the next shot, or it may mean trying to salvage par. The key is to be flexible and adaptable.

Scoring with your misses is the final step. Even if you don't hit every shot perfectly, you can still score well if you're able to minimize your mistakes and take advantage of your opportunities. This means making smart decisions about club selection and course management.

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