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Product Questions

Is NeuraPutt made in the USA?

Yes, NeuraPutt is proudly manufactured in Metro Detroit.

What is a NeuraPutt?

NeuraPutt is a practice tool that trains the user to control the force and aim in their putting stroke.

How does it work?

The NeuraPutt is an aim sharpening tool that challenges the user to hit a target while methodically decreasing the room for error. This adaptive learning promotes a precise muscle memory and mental awareness of the target.

Does the NeuraPutt work for beginners?

Yes, the sooner a golfer starts using the NeuraPutt the better. The beginner level is challenging but not too difficult for anyone new to the game. Learning is self-paced and gets noticeable results on the course.

How far away from the NeuraPutt should I stand?

All golfers should start at the 3 to 4-foot range and gradually pull back to 8 ft.

How does the NeuraPutt help control pace?

When using the bands as a backboard that allows a golfer to experiment through trial and error how hard to hit the putt.

Does the NeuraPutt automatically return the ball?

Yes, results vary based on distances from the device and friction on the putting surface.

Does the NeuraPutt work on non-straight putts?

Definitely! The ball needs to enter the cup somewhere, and the NeuraPutt trains you to make it happen in the center.

Additional Product Info

Calibration Card

Calibration card is a simple two-step method of manually scoring putts during a practice session. Use the Calibration Card to record attempts at hitting a target.

  • Hit ten (10) consecutive putts from the same location, no more than 6 ft away. Score each putt based on the following criteria:
  • 1. Was the power (pace) accurate?
  • 2. Was it a bullseye (aim)?

NOTE: The data is the most accurate when putts are performed with the same seriousness and intensityused on the course.

Does the ball get de-railed when rolling down the center plank?

No. The leading edges are tapered, and the frame is low profile to allow for seamless roll.

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