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Even the best want to get better

Even the best want to get better

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"No matter how good you get, you can always get better — and that's the exciting part,"
Tiger Woods' mentality is there’s always room for improvement. The best golfers in the world are constantly working on their game, looking for new ways to shave strokes off their scores.
Woods is a living example of this principle. He's won 15 major championships, but still practices for hours every day.

This quote helps golfers in a few ways. First, it can motivate us to keep practicing and to work hard, even when we've had some success.

Second, the quote reminds us to stay positive and focused on our goals. When we inevitably have a bad round or two, remind yourself that there is always room for improvement.

Finally, when we focus on getting better, we are more likely to be engaged and challenged by the game. This can lead to more enjoyable golfing experiences.

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