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Ego Is The WORST Hazard On The Golf Course

Ego Is The WORST Hazard On The Golf Course

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Bruce Crampton's quote about golf is an insightful observation about the mental and physical challenges of the game.

Crampton suggests that the best golfers can find a balance between these three factors. They can listen to their ego and try to hit the perfect shot, but they also know when to be conservative and play it safe. They are also able to manage their nerves and stay calm under pressure.

The ego is often our biggest enemy in golf. It can lead us to make foolish decisions that we later regret.
Experience is important, but more is needed. We need to be able to adapt our game to the changing conditions and our own physical and mental state.

Nerves are a natural part of golf, but we cannot let them control us. We must find ways to manage our nerves and stay calm under pressure.
Crampton reminds us that golf is a complex game requiring skill, experience, and mental toughness. If we can find a way to balance these factors, we will be well on our way to success.

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