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How Neuraputt Works

During the putting stroke, players eyes are down on the ball and blind to the target. Which means The most basic element to good putting involves hand eye coordination and memory. Introducing, NeuraPutt. 

For any player (beginner or professional) to unlock their potential, they must develop the ability to mentally lock on a target…and hit that target with a perfect combination of aim and pace. 

NeuraPutt deflects bad putts, meanwhile good putts hit the bullseye and send a signal. The brain identifies those as "correct" or "incorrect" movements then stores the information in the subconscious. This process occurs during daily activities involving motor skills, from slicing a carrot to shooting a jumpshot. The brain learns from mistakes, rejecting "incorrect" signals allowing muscle memory to stack more and more memories of "correct" movements and motions.

As the target window between the bumpers gets progressively smaller, the brain begins the process of elimination for unacceptable and "incorrect" motions.
Regular use of the NeuraPutt helps golfers visualize the target, repeat the perfect stroke, and sink more putts than ever before.
 Set up with your eyes over the ball and your putter on target every time!

Address the ball then adjust your head and body until the goalposts appear parallel. This guarantees the target is squarely in your line of sight and your eyes are directly over the ball. Bad eye alignment leads to putts pulled or pushed off the mark.


Prepare for fast or slow greens with the adjustable backstop. The ball should come to rest 18-inches passed the target on fast greens and 24-inches on slow greens. Anchor the backstop accordingly.


Anchor the NeuraPutt to the putting surface and use as a short game target instead of the flag. Learn to chip with finesse bouncing the ball off the resistance bands.


OUTDOOR NeuraPutt gives the convenience of practicing ANYWHERE on the putting surface. Handy for overcrowded and cupless practice greens.

INDOOR NeuraPutt is for practice ANYTIME at home or in the office. Sets up in seconds. Velcro strips attach to putting mats, carpet or felt surfaces.