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Make More 3-10 Footers

Make More 3-10 Footers

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Did you know that the holing percentage on the PGA Tour from 8 feet is right around 50%? Take your game to the next level by focusing in on this distance and spending time practicing could make a big difference in your scoring average. 
Too many golfers spend time practicing from 20 feet when the reality of being able to make putts from this distance is pretty low. Instead practice those 3-10 footers.
🎯NeuraPutt is the putting aid that will help you improve your putting stroke and lower your scores. With its patented technology, #neuraputt helps you focus on your target, hit your putts with the right speed, and improve your overall putting accuracy. Try NeuraPutt today and see the difference it makes in your game!
👉With NeuraPutt Indoor and Outdoor Model, practice anywhere, on any surface, any time of day.
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